Swanton Wind project would hurt ratepayers, neighbors

Saint Albans Messenger; November 14, 2015

You may have seen glossy flyers and high priced television adds that paint a rosy picture about wind turbines.

The truth from real people living near industrial wind turbines in Vermont tells a different story.

Neighbors living near the Sheffield Mountain Wind turbines had to abandon their home with their two young children to escape the noise.

Neighbors living near Georgia Mountain Wind have to sleep in their basements and run fans through the night to drown out the noise.

A neighbor near the Sheffield Wind project finally wins recognition after a multi year legal battle proving the turbines were running above noise limits.

The proposed Swanton Wind project wants to erect their turbines in a residential neighborhood that will directly impact at least 134 families. We need to site and regulate wind turbines where they won’t hurt our neighbors.

You may think this won’t affect you, but it will! Governor Shumlin, Green Mountain Power, Vermont Electric Co-op, and Washington Electric all oppose Swanton Wind because it would hurt rate payers.

Our Town of Swanton Selectboard has determined the Swanton Wind project would likely raise property tax rates.

There are many reasons to oppose the Swanton Wind project; protecting your neighbors and protecting your pocketbook are just a couple.

On November 17, please vote YES to OPPOSE Swanton Wind. And please vote YES for local control in siting industrial energy projects.

Thank you,
Penny Dubie

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