Our anti-Swanton wind crusade

Saint Albans Messenger; November 16, 2015

If you’re against Industrial Wind placed in residential neighborhoods you’re portrayed as anti green energy, willy-nilly with emotion, and climate change deniers. Yup, that’s us. Fortunately, we’re in a growing majority around the world! These three popular Vermont Facebook pages are dedicated against Industrial Wind. Swanton Wind Turbine Opposition: The Other Side of the Story is about our fight, (and yes, it’s a fight as horrible as that sounds), against Travis and Ashley Belisle’s seven – 499 foot wind turbines proposed for Rocky Ridge in Swanton. Victims of Industrial Wind FB group was started by concerned Vermont citizens and neighbors. The original intent was to spotlight a family suffering from sleep deprivation and various other health issues due to turbine noise. The hope was to find support in abandoning their home and starting over since First Wind in Sheffield refused to buy them out. The group quickly evolved into a place where neighbors of wind projects across Vermont, the United States and eventually the world began to share their stories of adverse affects from industrial wind. To date there are 1,146 members. It’s not a site to debate wind or global warming. It’s a place for neighbors to share information, support and check in with each other at 2:00 a.m. when they can’t sleep due to turbine noise, regardless of where they are in the world. It’s a place where neighbors can speak the truth about living next to big wind, reporting on noise conditions, shadow flicker and the bad behavior of wind developers. 

Have you ever dreamed of having a FB site about I you started by your fans? Is it a fantasy you’d never admit to? What would it feel like to have your community and Vermont praise you for all your contributions? Industrial wind and solar developer David Blittersdorf probably dreams about having people write those warm and fuzzy stories about him, but where are they? Certainly not on the FB page Don’t Blittersdorf Vermont! 

The international site Stop These Things – The Truth About the Great Wind Power Fraud has had 1,104,241 hits since 12-26-2012. The David Blittersdorf deer head story made the cut under the heading “Deer Wind Developer, We Hate You, With a Burning Passion. Yours, the Deerhunter” 11-13-15. How did that story get turned into something about wind? 

It’s really about a deer head left at the gate of a camp that happens to belong to David Blittersdorf. We’ve seen a dead coyote at the end of our road. 

We’ve seen dead beavers that trappers have ignored. It’s unfortunate (and illegal) that people do that. But are we being targeted? I don’t think so. Is David being targeted? Hard to say, but if the shoe fits…Oh, just remembered why it turned into a wind story, because David accused anti-wind people of doing it. 

Did you know that there are over 2,251 and counting international websites dedicated to the antiwind movement? Check out http://quixoteslaststand.com. On the top bar you’ll see the link: Links to Over 2,200 International Anti-Wind Groups. Will I admit that my main goal is to not become the next victim? – absolutely! But this story is much more than Swanton Wind, or the next proposed victims. 

It’s about current Vermont victims and all the victims around the world. They are fed up with their governments not caring and they want to make their voices heard. 

If you only check out one link from this article make it this one: https://www.facebook. com/100007571087558/videos/1630465337215820/ ?pnref=story – by Jean-Louis Butre. It’s a powerful 1 minute 45 second video that shows worldwide uprising against the Industrial Wind scam. Of all the protests that have happened around the USA, Vermont’s Victims Of Industrial Wind made the cut. It was filmed at Georgia Mountain, home of the McLanes, who suffer sleep deprivation due to turbine noise and have filed numerous complaints with the Public Service Board, Department of Public Service, the Department of Health, and Georgia Mountain Wind seeking relief, all to no avail. They are just one of many families who have been ignored by these state agencies. 

What is it going to take to make our leaders care about Vermonters? How do you feel about three people, appointed by the Governor, to the Public Service Board making these important energy decisions that affect people’s lives forever? Do you think what is happening in Vermont is un-Vermont? 

I do. If you agree, on Tuesday November 17, Vote YES on Article 1 to OPPOSE Swanton Wind. Vote YES on Article 2 to support local control. 

Sally Collopy, Fairfield

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