First meeting tomorrow night; join us against Swanton Wind

St. Albans Messenger, Letter to the Editor, May 1, 2107

By now many of you know that a group of concerned citizens have been opposing Swanton Wind for almost two years . Many of you have offered kind words. You showed your support at the polls, and some have asked how you can help.

To recap, we’re talking about the proposed 20MW Industrial Wind generation facility of seven 500 foot turbines. These would be the largest turbines in Vermont and the closest to homes in a residential neighborhood than any other wind projects to date. It will be two years in June since we learned of this project. Even though the Belisles and Bourbeaus (the developers) illegally put up a MET Tower years prior to this, neighbors were kept in the dark.

The Public Service Board has issued new permanent noise standards. These standards improve over the current standards. Although they will not eliminate the harm emitted by Industrial Wind noise and infrasound, they will improve the protection of Vermont families by the required setback of 10x the turbine height, making projects almost one mile away from a residential home.

Over 150 families in Swanton and Fairfield, some as close as 1,800 feet away will be impacted many ways, health, property values, and general quality of life. The data is there and the facts are emerging all over the world.

It is imperative that we get these new standards passed at the Public Service Board! How can you help? Attend one of the upcoming public hearings. You don’t need to speak, but can if you want to. This is the start of YOUR protection from Industrial Wind. As the Wind Industry admits, our families are “collateral damage” for the greater good. We don’t want any more homes or families to be sacrificed before this comes to an end.

The timing is right to support safer noise standards. We have worked hard to educate the State agencies, legislators, and the Public Service Board, and, they have listened. Let’s all make sure they now get implemented.

Opportunities to attend are: Tuesday, May 2, at 7 p.m., Lowell Grade School, 52 Gelo Park Road, Lowell, Vermont. Thursday, May 4, at 7 p.m., Montpelier High School, 5 High School Drive, Montpelier, Vermont. We hope to see you there!

Sally Collopy Fairfield

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