Mr. Lowe has been drinking Koolade poured by Belisles

St. Albans Messenger, Letter to the Editor, May 10, 2017

Regarding the Letter to the Editor on May 6, 2017 by Charles Lowe, it is abundantly clear whose “Koolade”, Mr. Lowe has been drinking. His verbal attack on Governor Phil Scott’s position on Industrial Wind is proof he has only listened to the Belisles, and their attorney, Anthony Irrapino. “On the very day the Belisle family announced their extensive permit application, Scott met with a group of opponents….” What is missing in that point, several months before, Dustin and Christine Lang, the closest neighbors to the project, requested and had a hearing with the Public Service Board regarding a met tower that had been built and used without a Certificate of Public Good. In addition, Swanton Wind had built an access road on contiguous property owned by the Dubie family, without their knowledge or permission. The Town of Swanton held a vote and the project was rejected by a nearly 4 to 1 vote.

I strongly suggest to Mr. Lowe, that he read the diaries of the Nelson Family of the Lowell Wind Project. It is available in public record, and details its impact on their health and overall life. Their experience is common for people who live in close proximity to Industrial Wind projects. There are over 125 homes within a mile of this project. Are those impacted by these projects collateral damage?

Having been born in Franklin County, lived in Chittenden and Lamoille, for a total of 75 years, the lakes and mountains have played an integral role in my superbly awesome outdoor Vermont life. Including several years on the Board of Trustees for the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, raising acute awareness of the interdependence of the forests and lakes. Here is a quote by Steven Wright, Fish and Wildlife Commissioner in the Kunin Administration, Master of Science in Aquatic Ecology, State Environmental Board. “98% of the state’s annual emissions are captured by our existing forested land. “

The construction pictures of the current Deerfield, Vermont Industrial Wind Project are readily available. They are eye opening.

There is one point that is notably correct. It is about money. The millions of perspective dollars to be made by the developers, and, partners, not to mention the thousands of dollars his attorney, Anthony Irrapino, and, other “experts”, have already made. Warren Buffett says, “The only reason to get into Industrial Wind is because of the Federal Subsidies.” Would those dollars be better spent by projects like Efficiency Vermont? Where is the discussion of conservation?

Patricia P. Rainville, St. Albans

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