Photos of the devastation in Deerfield preparing for IWT’s:


What the turbines would look like from a house on Rocky Ridge rd. This picture is truly to scale:

Porch view with flowers

And here is a to-scale simulation from Fairfield Pond:

Pond Simulation_Final

view from homes on rocky ridge

Swanton Wind Turbines from Rocky Ridge Road.

It may feel like these turbines are oversized in this picture. But, when you are standing on the road, you are at about 500 feet above sea level. Since these turbines will be placed about 850 feet above sea level, the ridge is only about 350 feet tall. And yet, the turbines will be up to 499 feet tall which means that they are taller than the ridge itself.

Google Earth Pro_Rocky Ridge Rd View

Swanton Wind turbines simulation from Rt 105

Pond Wind

Swanton Wind Turbines views from Fairfield Pond

view from fairfield pond

Swanton Wind Turbines from Fairfield Pond


A beaver pond up on the ridge – the proposed site for the Swanton Wind Project.

A  slideshow of photos taken on a walk up Rocky Ridge the proposed site of the Swanton Wind Project.

Only half of them...

Only half of them… Photo taken in Lincoln, Maine of turbine lights at the Rollins Wind Project reflected on Upper Pond.

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