From Falmouth, Ma: To put the conclusions more commonly, this study finds that the wind turbine(s) produce acoustic emissions which are “acoustically trespassing” into the Andersen home.

A somewhat technical study that concludes: the present studyconfirms that the inner ear is highly sensitive to infrasonic andlow-frequency stimulation. It seems unreasonable to believe that infrasound cannot influence the animal or person when it generates such large endolymphatic potentials.

Differences in Noise Standards from around the world:

NEW: 10/26/2015 Press Release:
Department of Public Service Concludes Vermont Wind May Have Violated CPG Noise Standard

Noise from Wind Turbines Op-ed:

Link to technical explanation of infrasound:

New study explaining how infrasound affects people living near industrial wind turbines:

Myths and Facts about Wind Turbine Noise:

This link has many videos about the noise issues with wind turbines:

Living Around David Blittersdorf’s Georgia Mountain Wind Turbines

26. Reggie Johnson
27. Melodie McLane
28. Scott McLane
29. Matt Parisi
Living Around First Wind’s Sheffield Wind Turbines
24. Luann Therrien
25. Steve Therrien
20. Keith Balleck

Vermont’s Public Service Board has set a standard of 45 dBA.  That means that the sound levels are averaged over an hour and can go much higher than 45 dBA.  A is audible.This is Denmark’s standard.  They have a variety depending on location and power output
Their highest standard is 44 dBA LMax.  That is a maximum level that cannot be exceeded.  It is still not protective of public health, but it is what the leading country doing wind energy has established.  Vermont’s noise standard was set based on RSG’s testimony, which also persuaded the Board that infrasound is not an issue.  Infrasound is a huge issue and it is now well understood.

Another leader in wind energy is Germany.  This is a recent mainstream media program.  It’s in German, yes, and it has subtitles.  Ignorance is no excuse.

Wind turbines are an issue around the world:
This site is European and provides good information about why there are hundreds of wind turbine opposition groups in pretty much every European county.

1 Response to Noise

  1. Stephen Ambrsose says:

    Ambient background nighttime less than 25 dBA, wind turbine 45 dBA, equals a 20 dB difference. Community response expected to be close to “stop the noise” to say it kindly.


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