And, the results are in!!!

Thank You Swanton!

Article 1
731 Oppose Swanton Wind
160 For Swanton Wind

Article 2
744 For Local Control
142 Against Local Control

On November 17, 2015 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
the Town of Swanton will hold a special vote

ARTICLE 1:  Do the voters of the Town of Swanton OPPOSE Swanton Wind, LLC’s proposed installation of seven 499-foot tall wind turbines on Rocky Ridge in the Town of Swanton?

               __X_YES                       ___NO

 ARTICLE 2: Do the voters of the Town of Swanton support state legislation that would enable local town control and review of renewable energy projects for large scale wind/solar generation in the Town of Swanton?

              _X__YES                      ___NO

Vote YES! to OPPOSE Swanton Wind Industrial Wind Project.

Vote YES! for local control.

What is being proposed? Swanton Wind, LLC is proposing to put 7 499’ industrial wind turbines on a scenic ridge along Rt 105 in Swanton.

The Town of Swanton Selectboard and Planning Commission has determined the proposed industrial wind turbine project would create more detriments than benefits to the Town of Swanton and adjoining towns and thus, will not serve the public good.

  • Increased property tax rates: because losses from reduced property values may exceed the revenues received from the project shifting cost to the rest of the town.
  • Increased electric rates for the consumer: Green Mountain Power stated this project will be detrimental to ratepayers.
  • Generate intolerable noise conditions and safety issues for the 134 residents whose homes are situated within a one mile radius of the project site. Noise from the project will travel out for up to several miles and affect both people and farm animals.
  • Nearest home less than 2,000 feet away – some countries require 1.25 miles.
  • Worldwide reports of appalling health conditions as a result of infrasound.
  • Discouragement to tourism: scenic corridor, seen for miles including I89, Missisquoi Rail Trail, Fairfield Pond and Lake Champlain.
  • Deforest scores of acres of mountain land creating the possibility of severe erosion in the Lake Champlain watershed.
  • Create a risk for disturbing streams, wetlands and wildlife habitat: Rocky Ridge is an extremely high value habitat block in the NorthWest region.
  • Direct impact on migrating waterfowl: traveling from Fairfield Pond over the ridge to feed in corn fields and continue to Lake Champlain.
  • Direct nature impact on Fairfield Pond of eagles, osprey, hawks, herons and other waterfowl.

Notes from the October 20th Swanton Selectboard meeting:
Selectboard notes Oct 20

Read the full letter from the Selectboard to the PSB regarding Swanton Wind LLC’s 45 day pre-filing notice:

Click to access _slb…pc_letter_to_psb.pdf

Swanton SelectBoard letter to Governor Shumlin regarding local control:

Click to access _2015_0804_letter_to_governor.pdf

Northwest Regional Planning Commission response Swanton Wind, LLC’s 45 day pre-filing notice:

Click to access _2015_0918_nrpc_45_day_letter.pdf

Slide show by Ben Luce of why wind turbines are not right for Vermont:

Read where Governor Shumlin says No to big wind in Franklin County!

Or, Listen to the full talk here:

  • Where do I vote? Swanton Village Offices on Rt 78
  • Can’t make it to vote on the 17th? Get an Absentee Ballot and vote from the comfort of your home. Call the town clerk at 868-4421 to have your ballot mailed to you.
    Or, use the form linked here to request a ballot be mailed to you. Once the ballot comes in the mail, fill it out and return it in person or by mail before November 17th.

  • Not registered to vote? Call or visit the town clerk before November 11
    You may also register online by clicking here or by returning a hard copy of this form directly to the Swanton Town clerk.

  • Need a ride to the polls? Call: 528-9603
  • Want to learn more prior to the vote? Check out:
  • Like us on Facebook: Swanton Wind Turbine Opposition: The Other Side of the Story.
  • Upcoming events to learn more:
  • 10/23 – 6:00 pm – free pizza and potluck, short film and guest speaker, Fairfield School – Park Street – Fairfield
  • 10/28- 6:30 pm – free movie showing of “Windfall” and discussion, Twiggs, St. Albans
  • 11/13 – 6:30 pm – special guest speaker Prof. Ben Luce and short film, St. Albans Museum